Aptology is building a platform specifically designed to help sales teams drive predictable revenue and close the performance gap between top, middle and bottom performers by giving sales leaders the tools to get the most out of their existing sales team.

Docyt automates back-office of small & medium businesses. It has built a powerful AI engine that can automate financial and accounting processes like accounts payable, book-keeping, and cash-flow management. Its integrated document-centric messaging system keeps all document exchanges secure and conversations well-organized. Docyt makes businesses more profitable and compliant, and saves business owners tremendous amounts of time.

Espresa is the world’s first Employee Programs Automation platform dedicated to helping benefits teams manage, scale and measure their workplace employee programs. The Espresa platform supports all major HR initiatives for workplace programs—health, fitness and wellness programs, company events, lifestyle services, employee resources groups, rewards and recognition, and reimbursement programs—and allows administrators to monitor engagement and measure the ROI that programs are providing. Companies such as Tesla, Workday, and Box are already using the platform to boost employee satisfaction and retention in an increasingly competitive environment.

kleeen is enabling enterprises to rapidly build streamlined UI & UX.

Mesmer is currently in building artificial intelligence for product development teams. Mesmer is in stealth mode.

Callsign’s Intelligence Driven AuthenticationTM (IDA) makes it easy to apply the most appropriate authentication in any situation. IDA applies deep learning to device, location and behavior analytics combined with a variety of biometric and knowledge-based authenticators. This helps to paint the complete threat picture of every authentication and authorization event, enabling enterprises to proactively protect against threats in real-time.

Cigent's pioneering an AI-based endpoint security and response solution that detects hacking activity in real-time and actively protects data, even in the event of a breach. Cigent relies on changes in data access patterns, heuristics, and deception to detect changes in user activity. When the perceived threat level is elevated, we respond by locking down data and/or applications with multi-factor authentication and blocking the communications of suspicious devices. Cigent plays well with other security solutions such as Zero Trust, AV-AM, and EDR via an open API. Cigent offers an additional layer of protection against malware, ransomware, insider threats, file-less malware, and network intrusions. Cigent's particular focus on insider threats and continuous authentication has led to strong interest in government applications.

Mistnet develops security threat detection and prevention technologies that helps minimize exposure to serious cyber risks.

Tugboat Logic is the virtual CISO platform for the enterprise. Unlike traditional GRC platforms designed for large enterprises, only Tugboat Logic provides an automated framework to demystify the process of setting up a security program. With Tugboat Logic, enterprises can quickly get secure and prove it to customers. Powered by artificial intelligence, Tugboat Logic’s patent-pending technology automates information security policy creation, gap assessment and RFP response so enterprises can gain trust with customers and sell more. Tugboat Logic helps respond to RFPs up to 45% faster and increases sales win rate by up to 300%.

Altostra enables enterprises to design and deploy serverless infrastructure with ease.

CloudVector enables InfoSec and DevOps teams to discover, monitor, and secure APIs, especially Private APIs that are Cloud-enabled. Rather than forcing Private API calls through yet another inline gateway (be it on-premises or Cloud), CloudVector's technology enhances the existing application infrastructure by super-imposing a Network Engine layer of Micro-Sensors that enables API Observability and Security without any modification to the application code or runtime environment.

OnSpecta's unique virtualization technology delivers the best inference performance on any hardware (CPUs, GPUs or cluster) for popular deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and Caffe.

Oloid is building computer vision enabled digital identity solution to enabled deskless workers to clock in and clock out. Oloid aims to improve identity assurance and worker productivity at worker entry and exit points.

Solo.io is aiming to streamline the cloud stack by introducing a serverless multi-cloud platform that deploys any application on public or private clouds. The company recently released its first product – Gloo, a game-changing gateway that uses function-level routing. By allowing users to build their APIs from functions, the smallest unit of compute, Gloo equips them with an unprecedented level of control over how they build their APIs.

Spectro is a stealth cloud infrastructure company.

Ciphertrace is the leading provider of security, compliance and enforcement solutions that make cryptocurrencies, crypto tokens and enterprise private blockchains safe and secure. The Company operates globally and has top cryptocurrency, payments and enterprise security executives and programmers on its team. CipherTrace helps agencies investigate money laundering, ransomware, drug trafficking, extortion, and fraudulent ICO (initial coin offering).

Theta Lake is RegTech built for modern video, audio, and chat communications. Theta Lake reduces compliance review costs, increases compliance coverage, and directly improves the ROI of digital initiatives. Theta Lake uses AI and Deep Learning to detect compliance risks in video collaboration, video marketing, social video, call recordings, and other rich media content. Detections feed into intuitive, AI-assisted supervision workflow with secure retention and compliant archiving options.

Dragonfly Group is focused on the continual improvement of the entire real estate experience. Dragonfly is reducing the cost of building construction, ownership and operation while improving the quality and performance of the built environment.

Infiot is currently in stealth mode building a next generation technology platform. If you enjoy using the latest technologies to build scalable multi tier distributed systems and SaaS applications with microservices please reach out.

KONUX is a Munich-based IIoT company that integrates smart sensor systems and AI-based analytics to deliver asset insights in real time and turn their data into quality increasing and cost-saving actions. The KONUX technology uses artificial intelligence to help clients to continuously monitor their infrastructure and to improve their operations. The end-to-end sensor data solution empowers industrial and rail companies to reach a new level of asset performance.

Founded in 2017 by cloud and cybersecurity experts, Orkus has solved the most critical, hard-to-manage risk vector that Enterprises face today in hybrid cloud computing—securing access to data, applications, and infrastructure. The Orkus Access Governance Platform builds a real-time graph that connects data, infrastructure, and identities; and, then continuously tracks and learns access patterns to secure access and authorization for your hybrid cloud. Orkus was acquired by SailPoint Technologies (SAIL) in October 2019.

OverWatchID is an enterprise identity security platform. OverwatchID offers privileged access management, single sign-on, cloud access security brokerage and multi-factor authentication in a single platform with unique rapid deployment technology. OverWatchID was acquired by SailPoint Technologies (SAIL) in October 2019.