Jun 5
Can Zingly Finally Solve The World’s Customer Experience Frustrations?
Why is customer service so often so bad? The short answer, says Gaurav Passi, CEO and founder of San Francisco-based, is there’s a mismatch between supply and demand. “There are around 16.5 million customer service agents working worldwide, and they have to deal with several billion customers,” he says. “No business wants its customers to have a bad experience, but the maths makes that almost inevitable.”
Jun 5
Theta Lake
Theta Lake Delivers Voice Compliance Innovations Across Call Center, Enterprise Voice, Trader Voice, and Mobile Use Cases
Theta Lake, Inc., a recognized Digital Communications Governance (DCG) provider and multi-award winning provider of Unified Communication Compliance solutions, has added a number of capabilities, integrations, and partnerships to meet the growing need for updated voice recording and compliance capabilities. As companies embrace alternatives to legacy voice and calling infrastructure and move to cloud-based unified communication-based phone and voice platforms, modern voice recording compliance approaches have become essential. This shift to cloud-native voice presents new challenges for legacy compliance recording systems that are device and network-based, and Theta Lake is at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions to meet the need.
May 29
New Endpoint Protection Platform by Cigent Blocks Ransomware at the Data Level
A new endpoint data protection platform from Cigent Technology refocuses ransomware prevention onto protecting customer data from both encryption and exfiltration. With no loss of data, criminal extortion is prevented.
May 6
Business Insider
The Seed 100: The best early-stage investors of 2024
Behind most startup founders is an early-stage investor who saw their potential, nurtured their ambition, and backed their ideas. These are not just check-writers but shrewd risk-takers, enthusiastic collaborators, and trend forecasters. The end of a record bull run in tech rebooted the startup landscape, and now early-stage investors are embracing the change. Founders have gone back to basics, staying lean and mean from the start and harnessing tailwinds of the artificial intelligence boom.
Apr 30
Global Secuirty Mag
Cigent and Swissbit announce partnership to enhance endpoint data security
Cigent, a leading provider of endpoint data protection solutions, and Swissbit, a leading manufacturer of storage, security, and embedded IoT solutions, today announced a strategic partnership to offer a comprehensive portfolio of secure storage drives designed to safeguard endpoint data against a growing landscape of cyberthreats.
Apr 30
SecureAuth Announces Acquisition and Integration of Cloudentity
SecureAuth, a leader in next-generation access management and authentication, has strengthened its innovation and Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) capabilities through the successful acquisition and integration of Cloudentity earlier this year.
Apr 29
CXO Outlook
Empowering Entrepreneurs and Driving Meaningful Innovation (with Bunny Weiss)
Warren Weiss, fondly called “Bunny”, has an impressive track record of discovering tech giants in their early stages. He gained recognition for his work on SilverSpring Networks, which earned him a place on the Forbes Midas List of Top Technology Investors. Additionally, Business Insider magazine voted him as one of the Top 100 Seed investors. Bunny has had a successful career as a CEO of both public and private venture-backed companies.
Apr 24
Putting The Human Touch Back Into Cybersecurity With Amplifier
“New cybersecurity tools are launched every week but they’re just not working,” says Shreyas Sadalgi, the CEO and co-founder of Atlanta-based start-up Amplifier Security. “We keep on getting these massive breaches.” Sadalgi and his co-founder, CTO Thomas Donnelly, believe a different approach to cybersecurity is needed. Amplifier, which will today announce it has raised $3.3 million of pre-seed investment, is their attempt at meeting that need.
Apr 24
How data makes trains more punctual
[In German] Train cancelled because of another switch failure? Or is it late because of a problem with signalling? We've each had the experienced, but it's all avoidable with data analysis, rather than following inspection regimes. Learn how as Bianca Löw, engineering team lead at KONUX, joins Dr. Annika Bergbauer.
Apr 17
PR Newswire
Espresa Announces Partnership with Headspace to Support Global Well-being
Espresa, a personal benefits and Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA) platform designed for global enterprises, announced its partnership with Headspace, the provider of the world's most accessible, comprehensive mental health system.
Apr 2
Docyt to Unveil New Voice-Based Tools for AI-driven Accounting Platform
“The hospitality industry is under tremendous pressure to succeed in the face of ever-narrowing margins, highlighting the need for financial tools that give hoteliers a clearer view of their financial health,” said Sid Saxena, Docyt’s co-founder and CEO. “Building voice-based input into our platform helps users accelerate accounting workflows and allows them to work in a more intuitive way. By streamlining the bookkeeping process - and delivering tools like the new voice-based feature we’re previewing at AAHOACON24 - we make it easier than ever for hospitality businesses to have real-time visibility into their books to maximize the profitability of their hotels.”
Mar 25
Theta Lake
Theta Lake Breaks New Ground in Unified Compliance Coverage for Unified Communication Platforms
The release showcases advancements in Voice, SMS, Whiteboards, Visual Collaboration, and Theta Lake’s extensive coverage across the spectrum of today’s top communication and collaboration platforms.
Mar 24
Gnarly Binary Analysis
So much of our emphasis on cybersecurity lies at the network, device, user, and application level, securing vulnerabilities that can give bad actors access to, well, everything. But – as any builder will tell you – the secret to a strong house is a strong foundation. For us, this means going back to basics, beneath our operating systems, to secure software and firmware.
Mar 24
Software Supply Chain Security Leader Binarly Closes $10.5 Million Financing Led by Two Bear Capital
Binarly, provider of an industry leading AI-powered firmware and software supply chain security platform, today announced the closing of a $10.5 million seed funding round.
Mar 20
Zoom announces Compliance Manager powered by Theta Lake
Zoom Compliance Manager provides a single integrated platform for risk and compliance management, data governance, and information protection across the Zoom platform, powered by Theta Lake.
Mar 5
The New Stack
appCD Lifts Developer Load by Automating Infrastructure from Code
Maintaining that Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has failed to live up to its hype, San Francisco-based startup appCD has opened early access to what it’s calling its generative Infrastructure from Code (IfC) software. The eponymous software auto-generates infrastructure from the application code and automatically applies operations and security policies.
Feb 22
Morning Star
Docyt Combats U.S. Accountant Shortage with the Launch of Docyt University
Docyt, the frontrunner in AI-driven accounting automation technology, unveiled Docyt University as a free resource for accountants and other financial personnel to train and become certified on the latest advanced AI accounting tools. The rich online curriculum centers on AI-driven accounting automation techniques that streamline workflows, improve accuracy, and give accountants a clearer path to achieving their business objectives.
Feb 21
Help Net Security
10 cybersecurity startups to watch in 2024
At Help Net Security, we’ve been following the cybersecurity business landscape closely for the past 25 years. Through our Industry News section, we’ve been tracking the pulse of the cybersecurity world, bringing you product news from companies worldwide. Certain vendors have consistently managed to capture our attention. We decided to spotlight companies breaking new ground, attracting top talent, and leading innovation in key areas. We are focusing on those who are not just responding to current trends but are actively setting them.
Feb 20
Silicon Angle
Observability startup SigScalr plans to revolutionize log search
SigScalr Inc., developer of an open-source observability application designed to process large volumes of data, is emerging today with $1.76 million in pre-seed funding. Founded by a former Salesforce Inc. observability engineer, the company’s Siglens platform is a columnar analytical database that is said to execute queries more than 50 times faster than Apache Clickhouse and over 1,000 times faster than Elasticsearch. Both are commonly used for log analytics.
Feb 9
CIO Look
Investing Beyond Trends: Gaurav Manglik’s Long-Game in Venture Capital from Market Dynamics to Long-Term Success
Gaurav Manglik, the General Partner at WestWave Capital, possesses a unique narrative rooted in entrepreneurship. His venture capital odyssey commenced with a stint as an entrepreneur, drawing from early roles at tech giants Oracle and VMware.
Feb 8
GeoSpatial World
Advanced Navigation Achieves LiDAR Survey Efficiency For Road Networks
The solution to managing backlogs of inspection and maintenance is to use a smart combination of technologies that make the data capture and processing fast, cost-efficient, and scalable. This is where EyeVi Technologies steps in.
Jan 18
The Irish Times
Software start-up Lative raises $3m in funding
Irish headquartered software start-up Lative has raised $3 million (€2.7 million) in a seed funding round that will help support the company’s growth.
Jan 17
Business Wire
Cigent Approved for Securing Government and Military Data, Added To NSA Commercial Solutions For Classified Components List
Cigent Technology, Inc., the leader in embedded cybersecurity in storage devices, today announced that its pre-boot authentication software has been approved for inclusion on the National Security Agency Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) components list for the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program.
Jan 17
Tech vets acquire Fullcast
Fullcast, a software startup that helps companies manage and automate their revenue-generating operations, is changing hands and its headquarters location after an acquisition deal.
Jan 9
Cigent-powered self-encrypting drive achieves certification
Cigent offers a new approach to data security stop ransomware and data theft, as well as achieve compliance. Cigent protects your most valuable asset–your data–against the most sophisticated adversaries. Cigent protects data via prevention-based defenses embedded into the storage at the drive, partition, folders and even individual files.
Dec 12
PR Newswire
Savant Labs, a Generative AI Analytics Automation Platform Provider, and Data Prep U, Partner to Deliver Analytics Automation for Business Teams
Savant Labs, pioneer of a generative AI-powered analytics automation platform, announces a partnership with Data Prep U, a Colorado-based consulting and analytics solutions provider that serves clients across North America.
Nov 27
CSO Online
Binarly, Discern, StackIdentity: 2023 Cybersecurity startups to watch for
These startups are jumping in where most established security vendors have yet to go.
Nov 14
Silicon Angle
Startup Fractl releases its language for building generative AI applications to open source
Fractl Inc., developer of a programming language for building generative artificial intelligence applications, today said it has raised $1.025 million in a pre-seed funding round and released its namesake language under an open-source license.
Nov 12
Alejandro Cremades
Nick Damiano On Building A $1 Billion Company And Now Raising Millions To Use Robotics And AI In Surgical Procedures
Nick Damiano, a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary in the field of healthcare technology, shared his journey from being born into a medical family to becoming a founder of groundbreaking startups. His experiences, setbacks, and triumphs offer valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and healthcare innovators.
Nov 11
[PDF] Data Detective: Mastering Sensitive Data Discovery, from
Primer for IT Security Professionals
Oct 23
Insurtech Koop Technologies Announces Strategic Investment From Hyundai and Kia
Pittsburgh, PA-based insurtech Koop Technologies announced strategic funding from Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation, a leading global automotive OEM conglomerate, to focus on pioneering insurance and risk control technologies for autonomous vehicles and robotics.
Oct 14
Meaningful Business
Amit Haller, Co-Founder & CEO at Veev, recognized by Meaningful Business on the 2023 MB100
The 2023 MB100 are an outstanding group of leaders combining profit and purpose to help achieve the UN Global Goals.
Oct 6
Martech Series
Secuvy Announces New Leadership as Company Accelerates Strategy as the Pioneer in Self-Learning AI-Powered Data Intelligence
Secuvy, the pioneer in unified data security and privacy, today announced that seasoned sales executive Ediz Ertekin has been appointed Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), and cybersecurity executive Doug Vinson has been appointed Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Reporting to Secuvy CEO Vaibhav Mehrotra, Ediz and Doug will assume their new roles in Secuvy’s Leadership Team immediately to power the company’s next phase of growth.
Oct 4
Ars Technica
Vulnerabilities in Supermicro BMCs could allow for unkillable server rootkits (featuring Binarly)
If your organization uses servers that are equipped with baseboard management controllers from Supermicro, it may be time, once again, to patch seven high-severity vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit to gain control of them. And sorry, but the fixes must be installed manually.
Oct 3
CellTrust and Theta Lake Announce Strategic Integration to Manage and Mitigate Mobile Communications Risk
CellTrust Corporation, a leading provider of secure and compliant mobile communication for government and enterprise, announced today its SL2™ product integration with Theta Lake, a leader in digital communications governance, providing compliance and security protection solutions. This strategic partnership aims to provide organizations with a comprehensive solution for managing compliance and mitigating risks associated with mobile communications such as WhatsApp.
Oct 3
EIN News
OLOID Showcases Passwordless Authentication Platform For Frontline Workers at Oktane 2023
OLOID will showcase its passwordless authentication platform at the 11th edition of Oktane 2023 at Moscone West, San Francisco, from October 3rd to 5th.
Sep 20
Theta Lake adds support for RingCentral Contact Center to its existing RingCentral MVP integration to deliver the most comprehensive compliance and security solution to RingCentral customers.
Sep 19
Why Discern Security Thinks AI Can Defeat The Cyber Attackers
Sai Venkataraman, the co-founder and CEO of Discern Security, believes a large part of the problem is that after spending all that money on a patchwork quilt of cybersecurity solutions, many organisations simply don’t know how to use them properly. Discern, which is today announcing the successful completion of a $3 million seed funding round, thinks artificial intelligence is the answer.
Sep 14
Spectro Cloud’s New Palette EdgeAI Solution Helps Organizations Realize the Potential of AI Augmented Applications at the Edge
Spectro Cloud today announced Palette EdgeAI to simplify how organizations deploy and manage AI workloads at scale across simple to complex edge locations, such as retail, healthcare, industrial automation, oil and gas, automotive/connected cars, and more.
Sep 14
Spectro Cloud Announces Qualcomm Ventures Investment to Accelerate Edge and AI Innovation at Scale
Spectro Cloud, a leading platform provider of modern Kubernetes management, today announced an investment led by Qualcomm Ventures. Spectro Cloud is a leader in helping organizations realize the true potential of Kubernetes and its related ecosystem across any datacenter, cloud, or edge environment, at scale.
Sep 11
EIN News
OLOID introduces its AI-powered Integration Workflows for Converged Cyber and Physical Security at GSX 2023
OLOID Inc., a leading physical identity and access technology provider, will showcase AI-powered integration Workflows at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2023. This workflow automation tool is designed to leverage the new and improved generation of AI models to address the needs of the security industry.
Sep 6
Malicious Chinese Code in Korean Gear is Just the Tip of the Iceberg
Article featuring Binarly CEO Alex Matrosov.
Aug 16
Fullcast Recognized By Analyst Firm Gtm Partners As Emerging Gtm Tech Vendor
Fullcast, the industry's only RevOps platform for GTM planning and execution, today announced it has been named a spotlight vendor in a report from analyst firm GTM Partners.
Aug 15
Railway Age
KONUX Receives REMSA 2023 Innovation Award
The Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA) has named KONUX a 2023 Innovation Award Winner in the Technology Category for its Switch predictive maintenance system.
Aug 11
Binarly: 10 Cybersecurity Startups To Watch From Black Hat 2023
Numerous early stage companies—including in fast-growing areas such as code security and cloud security—unveiled new products or had other major announcements at Black Hat USA this week.
Aug 10
SC Media
Talking to the founder of Binarly, a Black Hat Startup Spotlight Finalist – Alex Matrosov
Binarly is one of only a few startups focused on highlighting security issues in firmware. The company has discovered a remarkable number of vulnerabilities in firmware in a very short time. Its' founder, Alex Matrosov, joins us to discuss insights discovered along his company's journey to convince vendors that firmware is worth securing.
Jul 28
Press Release
Theta Lake Recognized as a Leader in Compliance and Security for Unified Communications Solutions
Theta Lake Wins Best Compliance Product at UC Awards and Recognized in two Gartner Hype Cycles
Jul 23
Large Language Models (LLMs), Data Privacy, and Security: What you Need to Know (Part 1)
We have witnessed the remarkable rise of generative AI, powered by vast amounts of pre-trained data within large language models (LLMs). Chat-based interfaces have democratized AI for the general public, which has led us to where we are today. With these capabilities, customer data can be easily misused as private conversations. Activity and logs can now be combined with user cookies to allow privacy and security breaches within a simple prompt. As we do not yet have data governance controls for LLMs, a malicious actor can request and receive sensitive data related to a business or person with relative ease.
Jul 21
Solutions Review
Cigent Announces New Pre-Boot Authentication
Cigent Technology, Inc., a cybersecurity solutions provider, this week unveiled Cigent Data Defense Pre-Boot Authentication, which Enables a TCG Opal 2.0 Self Encrypting Drive to be fully encrypted, preventing adversaries from being able to access the data if they get physical access to the PC or storage device.
May 23
Business Insider
Partner Bunny Weiss Named to Business Insider Top 100 Seed Investors
Seed-stage investing is the riskiest — and potentially most rewarding — venture-capital round and the choice of seed investor can make or break a startup. Great ones help with everything from mentoring to securing follow-on rounds of capital.
May 18
Savant Labs Aims to Save Millions of Productivity Hours with New AI Tool, Savant Copilot
Savant Labs, an Analytics Automation platform for data analysts, announced Savant Copilot to accelerate creating analytic outcomes. The announcement was made at the Cota Connect summit in San Francisco, hosted by Savant Labs investor Cota Capital.
May 13
Western Illinois University Spring 2023 Commencement Speech (Bunny Weiss)
Spring 2023 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony
Apr 23
Stack Identity Emerges from Stealth with $4M Seed Funding, Solves ‘Shadow Access’ Problem with Automated IAM Operations
Stack Identity’s patent-pending algorithm detects and eliminates unauthorized, invisible shadow access to prevent cloud data WestWave Capital and Benhamou Global Ventures co-led the seed funding round Silicon Valley startup was founded by cybersecurity industry veterans with decades of industry experience across Symantec, McAfee, IBM, Netskope and BlueCoat
Apr 19
VentureBeat Top 20 zero-trust startups to watch in 2023
Sonet Io is a cloud service that can enable secure zero-trust access from any device without requiring any agents to be installed. The architecture is based on its unique approach to zero trust defined in its Trusted Access cloud service. It’s noteworthy from a zero-trust perspective because of its adaptability and flexibility, allowing enterprises to control access to SaaS and web applications and servers, prevent sensitive data theft and monitor user activity from any device without requiring any software installations.
Apr 19
Western Illinois University
WIU Spring 2023 Commencement Weekend - Distinguished Alumni
Bunny Weiss recognized as Distinguished Alumnus
Apr 18
Spectro Cloud Launches the Secure Edge-Native Architecture (SENA) for Securely Deploying and Managing Edge Computing Environments at Scale
SENA is an enterprise-ready solution architecture built on zero-trust principles, to effectively deploy, provision, operate and manage Kubernetes edge environments at scale.
Apr 11
Business Wire
Binarly Unveils Next-Gen Firmware Protection Transparency Platform, Revolutionizing Device Supply Chain Security
Binarly today announced the general release of the Binarly Transparency Platform, delivering unprecedented transparency for device supply chains enabling device manufacturers and endpoint protection products to comprehensively analyze both firmware and hardware to identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and malicious code implantation.
Apr 3
Cigent Alliance to Bring Sophisticated Cybersecurity Protection for SSD Storage to Public Sector Agencies
Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced that Seagate Government Solutions’ Barracuda 515 M.2 solid state drive (SSD) - embedded with Cigent® Technology’s built in cybersecurity enhancements is now available to Government agencies through Carahsoft’s resellers and its Federal, State and Local Government contract vehicles.
Apr 3
UC Today
Theta Lake & Mural Partnership Brings Automated Compliant Whiteboards to Market
UC Today's David Dungay hosts Dan Nadir, Chief Product Officer at Theta Lake
Mar 29
EIN Newswires
OLOID announces the launch of no-code integration workflows for physical identity and access management
OLOID announces launch of no-code integration workflows for physical identity and access management for automating physical security processes.
Mar 28
No Jitter
Bandwidth, Theta Lake Tie for Best of Enterprise Connect
Theta Lake was selected Overall Best for the latest release of its Risk and Compliance Suite, which provides compliance and security for collaboration platforms and enables organizations to expand their use of communication platforms for video, voice, documents and chat content.
Mar 16
Business Wire
Secuvy Announces New Investments from Dell Technologies Capital and WestWave Capital to Modernize Data Privacy and Security
Secuvy, the cloud-native, contextual data privacy & security platform, has announced the successful completion of its funding round from investors. The funding will be used in accelerating company growth plans, expanding the team, and further developing and enhancing the Secuvy privacy & security platform. The latest funding round was led by Dell Technologies Capital & WestWave Capital, with participation from Z5 Capital.
Mar 14
Indianpolis Business Journal
Elate lands $4.9M investment led by WestWave Capital
Indianapolis-based software startup Elate Inc., which launched its first product in August 2021, has closed on a $4.9 million venture capital investment, the company announced Tuesday. The Series A funding round was led by Palo Alto, California-based WestWave Capital, with participation from other new investors: Pritzker Group and Hyde Park Angels, both based in Chicago; and Capital Midwest Fund, based in Mequon, Wisconsin.
Mar 3
Sand Hill
M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Idit Levine, Founder & CEO,
Idit Levine, is the founder and CEO of the unicorn service mesh platform, Some say that it was her professional basketball career that gave her the drive to develop such a successful enterprise. Others report her success should be attributed to her ability to self-teach solution-based skills. Likely, it’s both. Idit’s dialed-in focus for how enterprises can connect hard-to-change, tested applications with more modern, flexible microservices and service mesh is worthy of her organisation’s $1B Valuation.
Mar 1
Savant Labs aims to bring analytics directly to line of business users
Chitrang Shah, founder and CEO at Savant Labs, says people charged with dealing with data spend too much time doing manual tasks to wrangle the data they need, and they do this repeatedly. He saw an area that was ripe for automation, which he sees as a key differentiator for the startup. “So we are building a platform for [business users], and the main impetus behind it is the amount of manual work that goes on in doing analytics and reporting is staggering. You go and talk to these people and they will tell you that half their time, more than half their time sometimes, is spent just doing manual stuff over and over again. And that’s where we are out there to change. We are the first platform that brings automation to analytics,” Shah told TechCrunch.
Jan 24
Meet The Startup That Believes AI Can Solve Your IT Outages
San Francisco-based startup unSkript will today unveil a $3.75 million pre-seed funding round as it seeks to further commercialise its troubleshooting platform for digital businesses. The company, founded in 2020, claims to be able to help customers resolve their IT issues up to 25 times' more quickly.
Jan 6
Cybersecurity startups to watch for in 2023: Binarly
The problems cybersecurity startups attempt to solve are often a bit ahead of the mainstream. They can move faster than most established companies to fill gaps or emerging needs. Startups can often innovative faster because they are unfettered by an installed base.
Jan 6
Security Week
Qualcomm UEFI Flaws Expose Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung Devices to Attacks (Binarly)
Alex Matrosov, founder and CEO of Binarly, told SecurityWeek that they discovered a total of nine vulnerabilities while analyzing the firmware for Lenovo Thinkpad X13s laptops powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon system-on-a-chip (SoC).
Jan 5
Espresso Capital
WestWave Capital’s Rohan Puranik on Investing in Security, Robotics, and Enterprise Deep Tech
WestWave Capital’s Rohan Puranik on Investing in Security, Robotics, and Enterprise Deep Tech
Jan 4
The Hacker News
Binarly Reports Qualcomm, Lenovo Vulnerabilities
Qualcomm on Tuesday released patches to address multiple security flaws in its chipsets, some of which could be exploited to cause information disclosure and memory corruption. The five vulnerabilities -- tracked from CVE-2022-40516 through CVE-2022-40520 -- also impact Lenovo ThinkPad X13s laptops, prompting the Chinese PC maker to issue BIOS updates to plug the security holes.
Jan 4
SC Media
Qualcomm, Lenovo flag multiple high impact firmware vulnerabilities (Binarly)
“We opened Pandora’s box of ARM devices UEFI firmware vulnerabilities impacting enterprise vendors,” Alex Matrosov, founder and CEO of Binarly told SC Media. “The big part of vulnerabilities [we reported] related to Qualcomm’s reference code for Snapdragon chips. The vulnerabilities in reference code are usually one of the most impactful since they tend to affect the whole ecosystem and not just a single vendor. Due to the complexity of the UEFI firmware supply chain, these vulnerabilities often create additional impact.” 
Dec 31
Yahoo Finance
Prezent strengthens leadership team to reinforce continued growth
Prezent, the AI-powered presentation platform for enterprise teams, announced today that it has promoted three members of its leadership team and added three new leaders to support the company's exponential growth. The company has also established an Advisory Board with three new members. These changes will support the 2023 growth plans after Prezent's $20M Series A (led by Greycroft) in April 2022, Zoom Ventures investment in September 2022, and 300%+ growth in 2022.
Dec 22
Sand Hill
M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Warren Weiss, Founder & General Partner of West Wave Capital
Affectionately as “Bunny,” Warren Weiss has had decades of success uncovering tech giants in their emerging stages. His work on SilverSpring Networks earned him a spot on the Forbes Midas List of Technology’s Top Investors. He’s a four-time CEO of venture backed companies, and worked with Steve Jobs at NeXT. Bunny serves on the Board of Binarly for WestWave Capital. He remains a General Partner on past fundsat Foundation Capital (where he no longer makes new investments) and serves on the boards of ForgeRock (IPO) and Visier. Bunny is also on the board of the Weiss Scholarship Foundation, a charity that provides education to children in Kenya. With Warren’s experience and perspective, we figured this would be a quick and insightful read as we head into the new year.
Nov 9
EIN News
OLOID showcases it unique cyber-physical identity convergence solutions at Oktane 2022
OLOID Inc, a Sunnyvale-based technology company that provides retrofit solutions for modernizing workplace identity and access management, will present its facial authentication solutions for modern enterprise at the 10th edition of Oktane, an annual identity event hosted by Okta in the heart of San Francisco city. Oktane is being held at Moscone West from November 8th-10th, 2022 this year.
Nov 8
Theta Lake Delivers Free Patented Technology For Organizations to Better Monitor and Manage Zoom Security Settings
Theta Lake, a leader in modern collaboration compliance and security solutions, today announced Meetings Risk Manager (MRM), its sixth Zoom-certified module in the Zoom App Marketplace, and the only patented solution for Zoom meeting safety, security posture and configuration drift monitoring, alerting, and remediation.
Nov 3
FlowForge nabs $7.2M to help companies integrate IoT using Node-RED
A new company from one of the original creators of the open source Node-RED project is setting out to make it easier for companies to bridge the gap between incompatible IoT ecosystems at scale.
Nov 3
The New Stack
Deep Work: A Better Way to Measure Developer Velocity
Estimating developer work is more art than science. Devs typically use story points or hours for their estimations, or sometimes they’ll use a “planning poker” exercise to determine what they can accomplish in a given sprint.
Oct 27
Theta Lake Report Uncovers Growing Lack of Compliance Visibility into Business Communications in the Hybrid Workplace
Two-thirds of respondents believe their employees are using unmonitored communication channels, increasing the need for compliance and security tools.
Oct 27
Immigrant-Founded Veev Builds Future In America One House At A Time
Immigrant entrepreneurs play a crucial role in innovation and job creation in the United States. “Immigrants have started more than half (319 of 582, or 55%) of America’s startup companies valued at $1 billion or more,” according to a recent report from the National Foundation for American Policy. Veev, a successful housing technology firm, is one of those companies. To learn more about Veev, I interviewed CEO Amit Haller, who responded in writing. Haller, an immigrant from Israel, discussed his experience in America and provided advice to new entrepreneurs.
Oct 18
Mediafly Acquires Aptology, Adds Talent Intelligence to Industry’s Most Comprehensive Revenue Enablement Platform
Mediafly, the leading revenue enablement platform, has acquired Aptology, the talent intelligence platform specializing in assessing and predicting sales rep performance. Aptology is Mediafly’s sixth acquisition and the latest addition to the company’s modular Revenue360 platform, which includes sales enablement, content management, coaching, value selling and revenue intelligence.
Oct 13
UC Today
How Theta Lake’s Selective Archiving Helps IT Managers make Compliance and Business Users Equally Happy
With Theta Lake’s Selective Archiving, firms can turn on the functionality that staff need to run effective, profitable meetings. Yet compliance leaders can still extract the meeting elements (i.e. chat, polls, and whiteboards) they want to retain and review.
Oct 4
Yahoo Finance
Cigent Achieves FIPS Validated and NIAP Status
The DIGISTOR Citadel C Series Advanced SSD is set to become the first commercial off-the-shelf solid-state drive (SSD) that includes Cigent's advanced firmware level security capabilities to be on the NIAP Compliant list for use by military and government agencies, critical infrastructure, and enterprises requiring the highest data security levels. Cigent focuses on protecting data, not the device or the network.
Sep 27
PR Newswire
Prezent announces Zoom Ventures as latest investor to help power presentation productivity for the enterprise
Prezent, the AI-powered presentation productivity platform for enterprise teams, announced today that it has added Zoom Ventures as an investor. This comes after the $20 million raised in a Series A funding round in April 2022 and the $4.3 million raised in seed capital in August 2021.
Sep 23
Enterprise blockchain has been a dud. These two AWS vets think they can make it work.
Vendia, founded by Tim Wagner and Shruthi Rao, wants to help companies build real-time, decentralized data applications. Its product allows enterprises to more easily share code and data across clouds, regions, companies, accounts, and technology stacks.
Sep 22
Fullcast Named as a Cool Vendor in 2022 Gartner Report
Fullcast, the industry's only RevOps platform for GTM planning and execution, today announced that it has been recognized as a Cool Vendor in the Sept. 15, 2022, report, entitled, "Cool Vendors™ in RevOps Data Automation," by Dan Gottlieb and Steve Rietberg at Gartner.
Sep 22
Channel Futures
MSP, MSSP Partners Fueling Blueshift Cybersecurity Growth, CrowdStrike M&A
Blueshift Cybersecurity, which spun off from Cigent Technology nearly a year ago, is helping MSP and MSSP partners beef up their cybersecurity with its full-service extended detection and response (XDR).
Sep 19
Business Insider
Veev named amongst most promising PropTech startups
Veev uses modular-construction techniques to build prefabricated homes while simultaneously reducing waste in the construction process.
Sep 15
UC Today
Regulatory Crackdown Fuels Growth for Theta Lake
The communications compliance company has seen year-over-year triple-digit percentage growth in annual recurring revenue for the first half of the fiscal year, gaining new customers in North America, Europe, and the UK. Theta Lake has now met the objectives it set out following series B financing it received in March from UC companies, which include Cisco, Zoom, Salesforce, and RingCentral.
Sep 14
Globe Newswire
Autonomous Vehicle Insurtech Koop Technologies Launches Industry-First Robotics Errors & Omissions Insurance Product
Koop Technologies, an insurance technology company specializing in autonomous vehicles and robotics risks, has launched an industry-first Robotics General Liability and Errors & Omissions insurance product in partnership with CJ Coleman and leading Lloyd's of London syndicates. The new coverage is designed for off-road autonomous vehicles and robotics developers, operators, and service providers across various industries.
Sep 14
DIGISTOR Extends Commercially Priced Self-Encrypting Drive Products With Key Pre-Boot Authentication Feature to Secure Data at Rest (DAR)
DIGISTOR, a CRU Data Security Group (CDSG) brand, has added to its innovative line of secure DIGISTOR Citadel™ self-encrypting drives with pre-boot authentication by introducing PBA to its Citadel C Series lineup. The new drives, powered by Cigent®, add the critical PBA function to their existing DIGISTOR C Series of self-encrypting drives.
Sep 13
Security InfoWatch
On the Scene at GSX: Oloid brings new slant to physical access control
Although the access control market historically has been slow to adapt to larger tech trends that affect other product segments across the security industry, the past decade has ushered in a new era in how end users think about and deploy these solutions. From the proliferation of cloud-based management systems to the use of mobile phones as credentials, how people enter secure facilities has been changed fundamentally by technology evolution.
Sep 8
Google and bring Ambient Mesh to Istio
Google and today announced the next evolution of the Istio service mesh. Dubbed the “Ambient Mesh,” this new framework does away with Istio’s sidecar-centric architecture and replaces it with a sidecar-less approach that promises to improve the service’s security posture and make it easier for new users to adopt the technology by reducing the resources needed to run it.
Sep 6
Inside Big Data
Can Blockchain Fix The Global Supply Chain?
In this special guest feature, Dr. Tim Wagner, CEO and Co-founder, Vendia, discusses why traditional blockchains are failing businesses and how enterprise companies should be thinking about data sharing solutions instead.
Aug 4
Intel Technology
Chips & Salsa – The State of Firmware Security with Alex Matrosov
In this episode of Chips & Salsa, Jerry and CRob talk to industry experts Vincent Zimmer, Sr. Principal Engineer at Intel, and Alex Matrosov, CEO and Founder, Binarly, about the state of firmware security in the industry today and get their thoughts on how the industry needs to improve.
Aug 2
Netskope Acquires Infiot, Will Deliver Fully Integrated, Single-Vendor SASE Platform
Netskope, the leader in Security Service Edge (SSE) and Zero Trust, today announced it has acquired Infiot, a pioneer in enabling secure, reliable access with zero trust security, network and application optimization, and AI-driven operations.
Jul 27
Telecom Reseller
Cigent is focused on data security – when it is on the endpoint, in the cloud or shared with other people
The best way to stop ransomware from occurring in your company is to protect the data. Tom Ricoy, VP Sales, Public Sector and Alliances with Cigent discussed with Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication, how Cigent makes the data invisible.
Jul 22
Fintech Global
Theta Lake, Movius partner to improve communication monitoring in messaging services
Theta Lake, a communication compliance and security solution developer, has teamed up with fellow communication security solution Movius to help companies improve compliance with collaboration tools.